Theatre Fundraising Campaigns

High school auditoriums serve as performance spaces for plays, musicals, choirs, bands, and orchestras, and as gathering spaces for communities. Appleton East, North, and West high schools are all raising funds to support enhancements to their respective theatres. 

In celebration of World Theatre Day (March 27, 2024), the Appleton Education Foundation is doubling gifts from all new donors* given March 1-31, 2024. The match is valid for up to $5,000 per school. Support for the match is from the SAACC Endowment Fund and Alan and Vira Stoner Education Fund both within the Appleton Education Foundation.

Learn about each school's campaign and how funds will be used:

Theatre Improvement Campaign

The Appleton East High School auditorium has been home to many amazing theatrical productions, concerts, guest speakers, and community gatherings. Now decades old, many elements of our facility need repair or replacement - including our lighting and sound systems.

Learn more on East's website.

Goal: $150,000 for a lighting upgrade; $200,000+ for a new sound system.

Light our Stage Campaign

This fundraising campaign will cover the cost of a complete upgrade of the North auditorium to an industry-standard LED lighting system—now typical in high schools, colleges, and community theaters in the Fox Valley and throughout Wisconsin. LED instruments provide safe, long-lasting, and energy-efficient lighting that will be in use for decades to come. Students pursuing technical training will benefit from working with current technology instead of antiquated and obsolete equipment.  

Learn more on North's theatre website.

Goal: $150,000

Preserve the Past & Secure the Future Campaign

This initiative will transform our beloved local theater into a state-of-the-art cultural hub. Funds raised will be used to improve acoustics, enhance lighting and sound systems, and create a more immersive experience for performers and audiences.

Learn more on West's theatre website.

Goal: $75,000 to complete the lighting upgrade; $500,000+ for a new fly system and additional improvements

*New donors defined as individuals who have not yet given to the theatre improvement fund for the chosen school. If a donor has given to a different charitable fund within AEF in the past, that person is still a new donor for match purposes.

All gifts are handled by the Appleton Education Foundation, Inc. Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

AEF will accept gifts of appreciated stock. Please contact the Foundation for transfer instructions.
Phone: 920-832-1517 Email: [email protected]

As a supporting organization of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, AEF is not eligible to receive a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an IRA. A direct transfer to AEF is, therefore, treated as a taxable withdrawal from an IRA, which may qualify for a charitable deduction. To learn more or to discuss other giving options, please call us: 920-832-1517.

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