Allison Kierzek, from AEF scholarship recipient to AEF board member

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When Allison Kierzek was a senior at Appleton East, she applied for dozens of scholarships to help her continue her education at Drake University in Iowa. She was the recipient of several scholarship awards, including one from the Tim Schroeder Memorial Scholarship Fund within the Appleton Education Foundation.

She credits much of her success at Drake University and then UW-Madison, where she earned her B.S. in personal finance, to passionate and dedicated high school teachers who held her to high expectations.

Fast forward almost a decade. Allison – now Allison Moeschberger – is back in the Fox Cities. She is a private wealth manager with Creative Planning, LLC (formerly Wipfli Financial) and enjoys volunteering with local organizations like the Appleton branch of American Association of University Women, Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region, and Appleton Education Foundation.

Allison is one of nine Appleton Area School District alumni currently serving on the Foundation board. But, she is the first to also be an AEF scholarship recipient.

“It’s a special opportunity to go from AEF scholarship recipient to board member,” Allison said. “The Foundation’s efforts to support Appleton educators and students are inspiring. I hope to use my experience as a former AASD student and current professional to help further the mission of the Foundation.”

-- Exclusive interview below with Allison (Kierzek) Moeschberger --

Q: Where did you go for college and what was your major? 

I attended Drake University in Des Moines my freshman year and was an actuarial science major, but then transferred to UW-Madison. I ended up graduating a year early thanks to the CAPP Spanish program (shoutout Alma Rivera!) and AP credits, so in the spring of 2018 I earned my B.S. Personal Finance degree and a Leadership Certificate.  


Q: What classes, clubs, or teachers had an impact on your path after high school?

Appleton East Key Club was a huge part of my high school experience. Fun fact: I met my best friend through Key Club and we were each other’s maid of honor in our weddings. Amy Loritz ran the club and I took multiple classes with her because she was, and still is, so fantastic. We have a close relationship to this day, which I’m very thankful for.  

Anthony Palma is a standout teacher that helped encourage me to pursue a career involving numbers (you know this already, but now I'm a Private Wealth Manager with Creative Planning). He was the Calculus BC teacher my senior year, which was the hardest class I took in high school. Passing that AP exam gave me so much confidence going into college, and I got an A in Calculus 3 my first semester freshman year at Drake. Anthony is also one of the tennis coaches at East, and he puts on an annual alumni tournament (I played varsity tennis and softball), so we still stay in touch.  

Corey Otis is the teacher who really opened my eyes to UW-Madison, and I actually reached out to him when I decided to transfer. He was a difficult teacher to have because of his high standards, but he pushed me to be a great student and I still use lessons I learned in his class today. Being on the board together now is a really cool experience.  


Q: Why did you return to the Fox Valley?

In high school I was set on going to a small private university outside of Wisconsin since I grew up here, so I had never given UW-Madison a chance. Moving away taught me how nice the Fox Valley is, and after living seven hours away, I wanted to be closer to family. Through the career fair my first semester at UW-Madison I got an internship offer at Wipfli Financial in Appleton (which is now part of Creative Planning) and received my full-time offer to work in Appleton the summer before my senior year of college. 

Q: Why did you accept the opportunity to serve on the Appleton Education Foundation board of directors? 

It’s a special opportunity to go from AEF scholarship recipient to board member, and the Foundation’s efforts to support Appleton educators and students are inspiring. The passion of everyone involved in AEF makes it something I absolutely want to be part of. As one of the youngest members of the board, I hope to use my experience as a former AASD student and current professional to keep furthering the mission of the Foundation.  

Q: Are you involved with any other volunteer opportunities?

Yes! I’m currently the Co-Chair of the events committee for the Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region and a member of the AAUW Appleton branch. Both of these organizations also support education in the Fox Valley, so there’s a common theme.

This isn’t really volunteering, but I also guest lecture for an estate & tax planning class at UW-Whitewater one day each semester. Talking with the students is one of my favorite things to do!  

Even though teacher isn’t my job title, it’s essentially what I do every day. Instead of teaching subjects like history and science, I help educate my clients on financial planning and investing.  


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